Monday, December 3, 2007

Social Media for PR student seeking employment

St. Edward's University

Social Media for PR student seeking employment

December 3, 2007


  • Completed Social Media for PR course as well as tradtional Public Relations at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX.

  • Acquired working knowledge of Web 2.0 and PR applications in the medium.

  • See for previous analysis of PR efforts in social media.


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I am a graduating senior Communication major and Psychology minor at St. Edward's University in Ausitn, TX. My concentration in Communication is Public Relations and Advertising.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Spying on partner's email? You might want to rethink

People using SpyRecon, eBlaster, or other similar programs to spy on their spouse's email could be looking at serious jail time. An article form the Austin American-Statesman discussed recent cases that have transpired, even one in Austin. Basically, the reading of email without permission can be considered equivalent to illegal wiretapping. It is legal for parents to monitor their children's use of the Internet if the are a minor (this is presumably what the spy software is really for).

Unlawful interception of electronic communication is a second degree felony and holds a max jail time of 20 years. Now, typically people found guilty do not get the max sentence for any crime if plea bargain is reached...however, even going to jail for 5 years would not be fun.
So before you go looking around your partner's email without permission, think if it is worth it to spend a couple of years in jail if you get caught.

Virtual Border Watch

According to the Houston Chronicle's webpage the Texas-Mexico border will soon be under surveillance using webcams. The feeds from the webcams will be open to the public and viewers are encouraged to alert officials of suspicious activities along the Texas-Mexico border.

The program was tested in late 2006 and was viewed as a success. The test received almost 28 million hits and generated more than 13,000 emails to Texas officials that led to several arrests. The full blown progam is said to start in early 2008.

This does seem to have a few flaws. What if people sent border patrol on "wild goose chases" to make it easier for some people to illegally enter Texas from Mexico in a different location?
PR for this program is much easier than it is for the proposed border wall. Webcams are a lot cheaper.

I assume that most people are apposed to building a how do you feel about the webcams that are viewable by the public? Will people misuse this technology that is supposed to "protect the citizens of Texas".

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wayne's World Product Placement Example

Here is the viral video we made for class with the product placement scene from the first Wayne's World film.

I think that the original scene is great...hope this new viral video is well received.

Monday, November 12, 2007 Audio League Pass is now streaming NBA game radio broadcasts live through their website. Audio League Pass streams the actual radio broadcast that you would hear if you were in the teams city on terrestrial radio. You can choose which teams announcers you want to listen to and best of all this is free...that's right FREE.

This service use to charge a fee in years past. As a NBA fan , I think it is great they are now offering something that you use to have to pay for for free. Not to mention this is a great PR move - people like free AND you can follow your favorite teams live games from any part of the world.

If you haven't noticed I am a huge Houston Rockets fan and this allows me to listen to the teams radio broadcasters Gene Peterson and Jim Foley in their final year as Rockets broadcasters. Now you can listen to your favorite teams broadcasters announce the game live through Audio League Pass.

PRX Builder Usability Enhancements

Last week PRX Builder announced that they have made a change that is designed to enhance usability. Now you can display your contacts, multimedia, and links in an easy to read list view. This simplified view of content is an effort to make viewing releases created on PRX Builder easier.

This is just one more enhancement to the social media press release offered by PRX Builder. In case you missed it, Grey Matter Extrapolation made a post on the new Twitter distribution that PRX Builder is now offering.

The PRX Builder process to making a release is easy and is continuing to with the constant updates being made. Like many other applications on the web, PRX Builder seems to be in constant beta mode, but it still very usable.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Houston Rockets offer weekly podcast

The Houston Rockets and the rest of the NBA have begun to fully embrace many of the possibilities offered in today's web. The Rockets have started offering weekly podcasts on their website. They have released three podcasts so far that average around twenty minutes in length. There are two co-hosts, one is part of the radio broadcast team and the other is the main staff writer for The radio guy usually takes the lead and guides the show like a normal sports radio talk show. The shows offer interviews with players and team executives as well as basic analysis of the team and upcoming opponents.

This is another PR tool in social media that is being utilized by the Rockets. Getting to hear directly form the team's General Manager and other front office employees is a great way for the organization to speak directly to an influential part of their fan base who are active in social media.

As a huge Rockets fan I was excited when I learned that the team would begin offering weekly podcasts. The shows have been informative and are good for me because I am not in Houston and do not have access to watching all the Houston games because they are not carried here in Austin.