Monday, November 19, 2007

Virtual Border Watch

According to the Houston Chronicle's webpage the Texas-Mexico border will soon be under surveillance using webcams. The feeds from the webcams will be open to the public and viewers are encouraged to alert officials of suspicious activities along the Texas-Mexico border.

The program was tested in late 2006 and was viewed as a success. The test received almost 28 million hits and generated more than 13,000 emails to Texas officials that led to several arrests. The full blown progam is said to start in early 2008.

This does seem to have a few flaws. What if people sent border patrol on "wild goose chases" to make it easier for some people to illegally enter Texas from Mexico in a different location?
PR for this program is much easier than it is for the proposed border wall. Webcams are a lot cheaper.

I assume that most people are apposed to building a how do you feel about the webcams that are viewable by the public? Will people misuse this technology that is supposed to "protect the citizens of Texas".

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