Monday, November 12, 2007 Audio League Pass is now streaming NBA game radio broadcasts live through their website. Audio League Pass streams the actual radio broadcast that you would hear if you were in the teams city on terrestrial radio. You can choose which teams announcers you want to listen to and best of all this is free...that's right FREE.

This service use to charge a fee in years past. As a NBA fan , I think it is great they are now offering something that you use to have to pay for for free. Not to mention this is a great PR move - people like free AND you can follow your favorite teams live games from any part of the world.

If you haven't noticed I am a huge Houston Rockets fan and this allows me to listen to the teams radio broadcasters Gene Peterson and Jim Foley in their final year as Rockets broadcasters. Now you can listen to your favorite teams broadcasters announce the game live through Audio League Pass.

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cassandra said...

Wow I am not a huge basketball fan like you are Cameron but I am for sure passing the news on to all my friends who are. I think that it is a great PR move to now allow NBA fans to listen and follow their favorite teams. Moreover, I think that it will also help the PR for the actual basketball teams because it can allow their fans to gain more access to their games, thus supporting them. I always figured that they would soon come up with a way that you could follow your NBA team because I think that strengthens fan loyalty.