Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Houston Rockets offer weekly podcast

The Houston Rockets and the rest of the NBA have begun to fully embrace many of the possibilities offered in today's web. The Rockets have started offering weekly podcasts on their website. They have released three podcasts so far that average around twenty minutes in length. There are two co-hosts, one is part of the radio broadcast team and the other is the main staff writer for The radio guy usually takes the lead and guides the show like a normal sports radio talk show. The shows offer interviews with players and team executives as well as basic analysis of the team and upcoming opponents.

This is another PR tool in social media that is being utilized by the Rockets. Getting to hear directly form the team's General Manager and other front office employees is a great way for the organization to speak directly to an influential part of their fan base who are active in social media.

As a huge Rockets fan I was excited when I learned that the team would begin offering weekly podcasts. The shows have been informative and are good for me because I am not in Houston and do not have access to watching all the Houston games because they are not carried here in Austin.

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BlairL84 said...

I think this is great and that more sports team, not just professional, should start doing this. I think it would be great for college and university athletic teams as well.